On a scale of 1 to Kim Jong-un, how offended are you by everything you see on the internet, ever? 


Princess Diana at the Taj Mahal
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I’m never leaving. (at Darryl Carter, The New Traditional)
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My best friend just had a meeting with a Navy recruiter and she’s going to enlist and I’m really jealous because… I want to enlist in the Air Force after I graduate but I’d never make it through MEPS. I’ve been injured too much and I have too many dings on my medical history with illness. They’d never risk enlisting me, for me to get hurt or sick and not be able to work. 


seduce me with tickets to disney world 

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Don’t sacrifice style and quality at the office. You’ll be wearing your work clothes the most through the week, so it’s worth it to invest a little more in it! 

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Happy first birthday baby George!! 

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chipotle is closed tho


If someone were to bring me a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle right now I would probably kiss that person on the mouth multiple times. 


Day off= pjs and coffee all day
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